Friday, April 8, 2011

Go Figure...

SO.....I joined a gym on Monday, April 4th! Figures for women in Yorkton! There was a HUGE special on where the sign up free was waived completely! Wahoo! This week I have gone 3 times...and it feels great!

The ladies who work there are really helpful. They took the time to show me how each machine worked and answered any (silly) questions I had. The other person I need to send a huge thank you to is a woman named Crystal T. She called me up to tell me about this fabulous VIP pass. and I am very excited to be exercising with women I know.There are atleast 9 women I know who go to the same gym!

So, THANK YOU CRYSTAL! I appreciate that phone call very much!

I weighed in @ 251.5 pounds~So again, slow process, but the inches are still coming off! PTL!

I am also back at the Made To Crave bible study, I missed the last 2 weeks of it. But back at it as of this morning! Thanks also to the ladies in this group. Blessings to all of you:)

Have a GREAT weekend all!


  1. here's a tutorial on the water bottles from birthday girl

    thanks for commenting!

  2. Way to go. I haven't been in 3 years and need to get back. Thanks for stopping by my blog : )